Execution is Worship

John Ramey turned 19 in the winter of 1919, on his birthday, his father took him and his brother Michael hunting. After they came home and filled their stomachs, he asked them if they remembered the large rocks they past near the river. He gave them a jar and told them to fill it to the top with as many large rocks until no more could fit. When they were done John and Michael brought the jar to their father. He placed it on the table and asked the boys if the jar was full. Immediately they responded yes, their father took some dirt from a flower pot and began to pour it into the jar. The dirt filled in around the empty spaces between the rocks, he asked again is the jar full. After a long silence he laughed, he cut open a sand bag and poured some sand into the jar he asked the boys again if the jar was full. Unsure of an answer the boys stayed silent, their father then poured a glass of water into the jar and asked is this jar full. Finally Michael responded “probably not”. They laughed and cleaned off the table as they settled in for the night their father asked, “do you think I would have been able to fit those big rocks in the jar if I had put all that other stuff first?” Remember your big rocks , make sure you put them first, everything else will fit. We all have sand and mud that gets us stuck but what are your big rocks.

The Future Of Work

The displacement of workers is continuing as technology allows menial , repetitive and dangerous tasks to be handled by the combination of robotics and machine learning. The addition of sensors embedded into our bodies, homes , vehicles and natural environments combined with wireless energy and high speed cellular data networks will lead to new occupations. Private Space travel, Cube Satellites, and new networks like the IPFS ( Interplanetary File System). It is imperative you develop a long term strategy for technological integration as software eats the world.



About The Republic

What we are living through now is a historic convergence of economic maladies, many of them decades in the making. Decision by decision, the economy has turned into a young people-screwing machine. And unless something changes, our calamity is going to become America’s.”

That’s where the Cold Republic comes in.  It is much easier to scale large services, access markets , capital, and acquire skills through digital literacy in the fourth industrial revolution.

By providing education, guidance and by offering our own skills directly we intend to have an impact on the development and polish of various firms and individuals.

Cold Report


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